NYCFPA Launches “Foreign Policy Review” Series

New York, July 19, 2021. 

New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) launches their new “Foreign Policy Review” series. The new series covers Foreign Policy in review style and examines the most important foreign Policy affairs topics and subjects. 

The main idea behind the series is to generate content for audiences currently underrepresented in today’s media environment.

“NYCFPA is excited to expand its digital footprint with the new “Foreign Policy Review” series to make in-depth videos that explore and cover wide range of topics and issues,” said Justin Russel, Principle Director of New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs.

The New York Center For Foreign Policy Affair previously worked on ten videos to discuss various topics regarding Foreign Policy affairs in different countries around the world. Here’s a list of the videos the center worked on for the new series: 

–     Beijing’s growing aggressiveness is forcing Manila back into Washington’s camp

–     After the retreat: what now for Afghanistan?

–     Tehran and the creation of a network of allies among major militias across the region.

–     US adding Turkey to list of countries implicated in use of child soldiers. 

–     Lebanon asking EU to sanction political leaders responsible for the crisis.

–     Latin America’s social, political and economic crisis.

–     Biden administration and the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

–     NYCFPA lawsuit in the US District Court in Washington, DC against the Department of State and Secretary Mike Pompeo.

–     Crackdown on Human Rights defenders in China.

–     United Arab Emirates’ major role as a global hub for illicit financial transactions and how this impedes the effectiveness of sanctions on Iran


NYCFPA is an American based policy and research Institute with HQ in New York and Office in DC. 

Media contact:

Jonathan Buray

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