International Women’s Day 2023…Celebrating Progress While Calling For Change To Continue

International Women’s Day in 2023 marks a time to celebrate the progress made and call on the global community to recognize the struggle for gender equality. This is an opportunity to remember those who have suffered from systemic inequality, and pledge to continue the fight for justice. As gaps between men and women in politics, wages, education, healthcare, and access to reproductive rights remain prominent, it is more important than ever that we take actionable steps toward achieving true gender parity.

In much of the world, women are denied basic rights such as voting or owning property. According to UN Women, 150 million girls have been subjected to female genital mutilation and over two-thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women. Discrimination remains pervasive in many parts of the world—including India where one in five girls is married before their 18th birthday—and affects both individual freedom and economic prosperity.

The world must recognize that this day throws into sharp relief the global nature of gender inequality; while progress has been made in some countries such as Canada or Germany, many parts of the world continue to struggle with issues that prevent women from fully participating in their communities. From wage gaps to workplace harassment…from unequal access to education in Afghanistan to the denial of reproductive rights in a country like the United States… these issues affect all aspects of a woman’s life – both domestically and internationally.  The world must also recognize the problems women face in their personal and professional lives and we must confront the hard truths about what needs to be done toward full gender equality on a global scale.

To create meaningful change, it is essential that we actively listen to those facing adversity and amplify their stories. By supporting initiatives like UN Women’s HeForShe campaign which promotes inclusive solutions, or advocating for accessible sexual health services through organizations like IPPF or Marie Stopes International—we can make tangible progress towards greater equity.

We must also ensure that economic opportunities are available to all genders if we wish to see real transformation. To do this requires implementing policies such as equal pay legislation so that women receive fair compensation for their work; encouraging flexible working arrangements; providing subsidized childcare; and expanding access to capital so that women can start businesses with confidence. In addition, we must challenge structural racism which disproportionately affects marginalized communities and stands at odds with our commitment to universal human rights.

Each of us can play an important role in creating a more equitable future by taking meaningful action today: whether it’s amplifying stories of injustice; engaging in dialogue with family and friends about gender-based issues; donating funds or resources towards initiatives focused on uplifting those facing adversity; or simply listening when someone speaks up about their own experiences—every small step helps get us closer towards a society where everyone has a voice and can be liberated from prejudice and discrimination based on sex or gender identity.

On this International Women’s Day let us come together as a global community united in our commitment to creating a brighter future where everyone enjoys equal rights regardless of their identity or background. Let us celebrate the progress made thus far while continuing onward with renewed energy toward achieving true gender parity for all.


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