Trump advocates state control over pregnant women’s rights

Trump advocates state control over pregnant women's rights

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Jacksonville on the same day that Florida’s six-week abortion ban went into force. She attacked the measure and placed the responsibility squarely on Florida resident and former President Donald Trump. Harris stated that abortions performed before the majority of women are aware they are pregnant are illegal in Florida. She then singled out Trump, noting his recent comments regarding his positions on many issues, such as reproductive health, in a Time magazine.

State authority over pregnant women

“Just this week in an interview, (Trump) said states have the right to monitor pregnant women to enforce these bans and states have the right to punish pregnant women for seeking out abortion care,” Harris told campaign supporters. She could have implied that Trump was in favor of the states’ activities by using that phrase. Instead, he accepted that governments are free to take this action, but he refrained from expressing his view on whether or not they ought to. Time released the transcripts of two interviews with Trump online on April 30, coinciding with the release of its cover article on his intentions for a second term in office. In April, reporter Eric Cortellessa had two interviews with Trump: one in his West Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago, and the other over the phone. Cortellessa probed Trump on specifics regarding his ambiguous stance on abortion, such as whether he would veto legislation granting embryos full legal rights or federal abortion limitations. Trump often bowed to the states in his responses. 

Reaction and criticism

Following that, Cortellessa questioned, “Do you think states should monitor women’s pregnancies so they can know if they’ve gotten an abortion after the ban?” “I think they might do that,” Trump retorted. Once more, you will need to address each state separately.” Cortellessa jumped in, referencing states punishing women who obtained illegal abortions and asked Trump whether he was happy with that as soon as he started talking about Roe v. Wade, the legal decision that permitted federal abortion access until the US The Supreme Court reversed it in 2022. “The states will make a statement. Whether or whether I’m comfy doesn’t matter. Given that the states will be making such decisions, it is completely meaningless. And by the way, Texas is going to be different from Ohio. Furthermore, Ohio will differ from Michigan. I can observe what is going on.”

Potential impact on abortion legislation

Trump’s remarks against abortion were highlighted in the Time article by Cortellessa, who described them as follows: “Red states would monitor women’s pregnancies and prosecute those who violate abortion bans.” Later on, he claimed that Trump had stated that individual states should be in charge of enforcing laws against women who have illegal abortions and keeping track of their pregnancies. PolitiFact was informed by Brian Fallon, the Biden-Harris campaign’s director of communications, that while Trump refrained from explicitly urging states to keep an eye on expectant mothers, his comments “clearly means he thinks individual states are within their rights to do so.”

Analysis of Trump’s statement

Fallon also stated that Trump’s deference to state sovereignty on matters pertaining to punishment of women “means he believes it is in their power to make the decision to punish women if they wish.” Legislators from states including Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Kansas, and South Carolina have introduced proposals in recent sessions that may permit the prosecution of women who have abortions. None have progressed very far, and Republican leaders have frequently denounced proposals as being too radical. PolitiFact was unable to locate any legislation that has been filed that would mandate pregnancies be monitored in order to stop abortions.

Explanation of Trump’s assertion

In conclusion, The assertion that Trump is in favor of penalizing women for having abortions has long been made by President Joe Biden and Senator Harris, which we previously graded as Mostly False. When MSNBC town hall moderator Chris Matthews inquired on the consequences of abortion, Trump said that women must face “some form of punishment.” However, that same day, Trump took back the remark in the face of criticism, saying in a statement that he meant for doctors to be held legally accountable rather than women.

Donald Trump’s View on SurveillanceStates may keep an eye on expectant mothers in order to impose restrictions on abortion.
Trump’s Position Regarding ProsecutionStates have the authority to penalize expectant mothers who seek abortion services.
Trump’s Take on the Federal Ban on AbortionsTrump emphasized states’ rights to decide on abortion laws, declining to commit to vetoing a nationwide abortion ban if it were approved by Congress.
Regarding the Comstock Act, TrumpDuring the Time interview, Trump voiced his strong opinions regarding the Comstock Act without taking a definite stance. He alluded to an announcement shortly.
Trump’s Florida Voting PositionRegarding a ballot issue in Florida that would repeal the state’s abortion ban, Trump did not say how he would vote.


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