Statement on US-North Korea Summit

New York Institute For Foreign Policy Affairs (NIFPA) hails the upcoming US-North Korea summit and insist on the failed disarmament of the north Korean peninsula. The summit which comes after bilateral talks between the North Korea and South Korea is a chance to end the aggressive policies of North Korea.

NIFPA warns that North Korean maybe attempting to “buy” time ahead of potential testing. The latest announcement about halting missile system testing could be a maneuvering action only given that what Kim has agreed to, unilaterally, is

a suspension of warhead testing.

Albeit, the US must immediately stand for its founding principles which indeed refuse the current sanctions on North Korea’s population. The existing sanctions against the country in its forms now are collective punishment. The regime seems to be strong in challenging the sanctions whilst people are the prime victims.

NIFPA calls on the US administration to raise other issues onboard of the summit such as the human rights conditions in the country and the ongoing elimination of any political opponents of JIm Jong UN.

Flashback on Un’s Family:
“It may be unreasonable to hold the current Kim responsible for the deeds of his grandfather — he was, after all, only a toddler at the time of the jetliner slaughter. Yet the younger Kim seems to share the same affinity for violence as his forebears. Kim Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Song-thaek, was executed in a purge in 2013, along with several members of his family. O Sang-hon, a minister in the Ministry of People’s Security, was executed in 2014, reportedly by flamethrower. And, in the current regime’s most recent and brazen attack, Kim Jong-un’s half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, was killed in 2017 by the nerve agent VX at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This is the bloody legacy of the man described by U.S. President Donald Trump, on April 24, as “very honorable.” The Diplomat

New York Institute For Foreign Policy Affairs

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