The New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) is concerned by the news of U.S. military  forces conducting airstrikes in Eastern Syria on Iranian-backed militant infrastructure.  

The NYCFPA condemns the ruthless violence that Iranian and Syrian-backed militias play on innocent  civilians in the region. Our organization understands that President Biden’s choice to carry out the  airstrikes was in response to the recent attacks against American and Coalition personnel. However, our concern remains true, that any use of force in the Middle East by the United States, especially in Syria, may lead to continued destabilization in an already vulnerable region and exacerbate an on-going  humanitarian crisis.  

We commend President Biden for putting the safety and security of our troops first and for making it clear to Iranian-backed militias that he will choose the course of action that best protects the U.S. and our interests. While the New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs will not condone the use of violence in  place of diplomacy, our team also understands the right of the United States to conduct a “proportional” military strike against infrastructure points in Eastern Syria to address on-going threats to U.S. service members in the region. NYCFPA hopes that all parties can come together and navigate a peaceful solution that will help end the critical humanitarian crisis in Syria.  

Justin Russell, the Principal Director of the NYCFPA, states, “As long as Iran and Syria continue to sponsor these violent organizations and as long as these terrorist groups continue to put American troops in harm’s way, military action will have to be an option for U.S. Government. However, it is our hope that  this military action will be limited to operations already conducted and that this will de-escalate tensions  in the region. We hope that diplomacy will prevail, the cessation of the use of armed force will end, and the potential for the loss of life is minimized.” 


About The New York Center For Foreign Policy Affairs 

The New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) is a policy, research, and educational  organization headquartered in New York State with an office in Washington D.C. NYCFPA is an  independent, non-profit, non-partisan, institution devoted to conducting in-depth research and analysis on  every aspect of American foreign policy and its impact around the world.  

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Justin Russell – Principal Director 202-503-4089


  • Julianna Iwasinski

    Julianna Iwasinski is a rising senior at the College of Charleston pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. She will graduate this Fall. Ms. Iwasinski volunteers her time at the Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital.

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