Challenges and Prospects of UN Counter Terrorism Strategy

A report published by New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) focused on the UN strategy to fight terrorism.  In addition, the report discussed  the UN Framework to Strengthen the Fight against Terrorism. Moreover, the report took into consideration the role of UN in Protecting Human Rights during Fight against terrorism and ending financing International terrorism.  

How Did the UN Contribute to the Fight against Terrorism?

The UN is a large organisation with varied interests and it has tens of thousands people working people worldwide who are working under its auspices. The multitude of its employees has always affected and shaped the policies of the UN and in the case of terrorism, the same is true.

The UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy

The strategy of the UN to counter terrorism is a tool that can be used by every nation to improve the the efforts to counter terrorism by member states, regionally and internationally. The strategy also strengthens the bond between the member states. Furthermore, the adoption of the counter terrorism strategy was not only meant for the member states but it is for all the nations that are combatting terrorism.

The UN Framework to Strengthen the Fight against Terrorism

UN developed a new strategy that is meant to synchronize the endeavor to develop peace, security and to secure the fundamental human rights. This strategy is called UN Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact and it was started by the Secretary-General António Guterres. This strategy is an agreement signed by the UN chiefs, the International Criminal Police Organization, World Customs Organization and 36 organizations.  

The UN Role in Protecting Human Rights during Fight against terrorism

Counter terrorism is unavoidable as long as there are terrorists attacks. For this reason, UN worked to protect the rule of law and the fundamental human rights of people while counter terrorism activity is going on. A framework was launched for this purpose and it was called The CTITF Working Group on Promoting and Protecting Human Rights and the Rule of Law.

How Can UN Help Ending Financing International Terrorism

The UN established the CTITF Working Group on Countering the Financing of Terrorism and its major responsibility is to find and implement means through which the funds used by terrorists are seized. This group brings together and examines the measures established by states, national, and international levels to fight financing terrorism in all its ramifications and makes sure that the measures to counter financing terrorism are implemented.

The report concluded that there are legal and institutional frameworks on how to control border related terrorism. Thus, the UN should work with Member States on how to implement this framework effectively.

The report also suggested that Attention should be focused more on the areas which that made terrorism more conducive for terrorists. Areas like their mobility, forged travel documents and laundering of funds.

There is a need to monitor firearms and instrument that can be used to make a bomb, ammunition, and weapons of mass destruction. There should also be alert systems about an impending terrorist threat and increased security in the aviation and maritime areas,” the report said.

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