NYCFPA Condemns Iraqi Government Crackdown on Peaceful Protests

Iraq’s latest wave of protests erupted in early October when Iraqis took to the streets in their thousands in Baghdad and across the country decrying the country’s deteriorating economic conditions, widespread government corruption, unemployment, and lack of basic services — denouncing Iraq’s ruling Islamic parties and their Iranian allies. Iraqi protesters called for the toppling of Adel Abdul Mahdi’s regime and the formation of an interim government along with early elections.

Iraq’s security forces confronted peaceful protesters by unnecessary and lethal force in a reckless and thoroughly unlawful manner leading to a wave of death and injury. They fired directly at protesters to disperse them. Iraq’s security forces arbitrarily arrested peaceful protesters and human
rights activists. In an aim to curb theses protests, the Iraqi leadership
imposed a curfew and shut down the internet. The UN Special Rapporteur called upon all states “to ensure that Internet access is maintained at all times, including during times of political unrest.”

NYCFPA condemns the killing of peaceful protesters and calls on the Iraqi authorities to take feasible measures to prevent further civilian casualties, ensure rights to freedom of assembly and expression, and hold accountable all those responsible for the unlawful anti-protestor violence that is
occurring in Iraq.

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