Chaos in Libya: Mercenaries, War Crimes and Foreign Powers

The New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs will be hosting a Zoom webinar this Friday at 1pm EDT on the conflict in Libya. This discussion will focus on the dynamics of Russian-Haftar influence, intervention by foreign powers, and recent developments in the conflict in Libya.

Expert speakers include Emadeddin Badi (Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council) who will cover the use of Russian and African mercenaries and potential war crimes by Marshal Khalifa Haftar; Jalel Harchaoui (Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute) who will cover the fight between regional powers in Libya (UAE, KSA, Egypt and Turkey); Mohammad Pervez Bilgrami (Foreign Policy Analyst) will cover the US stance in Libya (Russia with Haftar, USA with GNA); and Emily Leslie (NYCFPA Advisor and Human Rights Expert) will cover radicalized groups and their effect.

The webinar will be moderated by newly-appointed Principal Director for the New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs, Justin Thomas Russell.

If you would like to register for this event, please e-mail Alyssa Bonk at [email protected]

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