Trump’s ‘Iron Dome’ border plan: Shielding America from Canada’s threat?

Trump's 'Iron Dome' border plan: Shielding America from Canada's threat?

In an earlier statement, former President Donald Trump said that if he were to be reelected, he would construct “a great Iron Dome, very much like Israel has, but even better”. “I’m saying, why don’t we have that?” Trump stated during a Michigan campaign event on May 1. “That ought to be ours as well. There are a lot of antagonistic individuals and terrible actors in the world. We intend to construct the most magnificent dome ever built.” An X post that said, “Donald Trump wants to build a ‘iron dome’ at the border of our country to ‘defend us’ from Canada,” included a video of Trump making this claim.

The Iron dome concept

As part of Meta’s initiative to dispel misleading information on its News Feed, this post was highlighted. But Trump made no mention of Canada in his remarks. He brought up Russia, Ukraine, China, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah, accusing President Joe Biden of pushing the globe “to the edge of nuclear war,” just before offering voters an Iron Dome. Following up on his remarks on an Iron Dome in the X post, Trump declared that he would “put a shield around our country.” The United States makes minimal use of Iron Dome defense. However, the United States, a nation that does not suffer the same dangers from its immediate borders, especially Canada, finds less use for Iron Dome technology because it was created to counter the risks faced by a small country surrounded by foes. Professor at Naval War College and former US Air Force Col. Dana Struckman stated that the Iron Dome “is not designed for nor capable of intercepting nuclear warheads launched from intercontinental ranges.” 

Rationale behind the plan

Despite his statements, Trump did not specify that he intended an Iron Dome to keep Canada out of the United States. “Donald Trump wants to build an ‘iron dome’ at our border to ‘defend us’ from Canada,” the caption of the post states. Indeed, Canada.” Within two days, almost 2,000 people liked the post. The post displays Trump’s comments incorrectly. A video of the former president’s whole campaign address shows that, although promising to create an anti-missile system like Israel’s Iron Dome if elected to a second term, he made no mention of employing it to protect against Canada. The thread on Threads features a 23-second video of Trump speaking during a May 1 campaign rally in Freeland, Michigan, which is located around 50 miles north of Flint, Michigan. In the video, Trump reiterates a campaign promise he made earlier in the year to construct an air defense system modeled by Israel’s Iron Dome should he be elected to a second term as president.

Challenges and feasibility

However, Trump says nothing in the video about wanting to construct an anti-missile system to protect the United States from its partner, Canada. Moreover, he makes no mention of protection from Canada throughout the address, which was captured on camera and released by Newsmax and C-SPAN.

Trump has suggested installing a “Iron Dome” missile defense system all the way to the border of the United States.This assertion is deceptive. The United States now possesses a vast array of missile defense systems; however, they are intended to thwart long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles rather than short-range rockets from adjacent nations, such as the Israeli Iron Dome system.An “Iron Dome” system would not be a feasible or effective solution since the border between the United States and Canada and Mexico is not threatened by short-range missiles in the same way that Israel is.
According to Trump, this “greatest dome ever” will “prevent World War III” and shield the United States from hostile adversaries.This assertion is overstated. Although they can offer some protection, missile defense systems cannot stop all big wars. Experts claim that an “Iron Dome” would not materially increase the United States’ already limited ability to defend against massive missile assaults.
Although the United States does not own a dome, Trump asserts that it is “giving billions of dollars to other countries so they can build a dome”.This claim is not accurate. Despite having a distinct architecture than Israel’s Iron Dome, the United States has made significant investments in its own missile defense systems over the course of decades.Aiding friends with missile defense is another long-standing national security policy of the United States.

Potential impact on relations

This idea seems more like political bluster than a workable policy plan, given the physical and technological difficulties in modifying a “Iron Dome” system for the US border. According to experts, the United States already has more suitable missile defense systems in development.


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