Examining Donald Trump’s personal gestures: The mortgage payment to a good samaritan

Examining Donald Trump's personal gestures: The mortgage payment to a good samaritan

The former president expresses gratitude to an unknown person for mending his flat tire. “How can I repay you?” According to many Facebook posts that described the incident in detail, Trump asked. The reply from the stranger, who was only identified in the tweets as “a black man walking by,” stated that his wife was often asking for flowers. The black man’s wife receives a lovely arrangement of flowers and a message saying, ‘Thanks for assisting me,’ a few days later. In addition, your home’s mortgage has been paid off.

A generous gesture from Donald Trump

Other acts of kindness from Trump include paying $10,000 to a bus driver who saved the life of a suicidal lady, $25,000 to a U.S. Marine who was abused in a Mexican prison, and arranging a private jet for a rabbi’s seriously ill kid. As a part of Meta’s initiatives to dispel erroneous information from its News Feed. The tale of the flat tire has been told several times throughout the years. Furthermore, it has been repeatedly refuted. The article was first published in Forbes in 1996. The specifics have evolved over time, including the location of the flat tire and the note that Trump left for the kind stranger. Forbes did not identify the alleged tire repairer. 

Donald Trump’s gratitude

A Canadian publication called The Globe and Mail inquired about the claim in 1997 from an aide in Trump’s New York office. “We’ve heard the story,” the assistant reportedly stated. “No, it isn’t true.” The other stories in the post have merit, so take them at face value. According to Snopes, Trump assisted in bringing a seriously ill youngster to a hospital in 1988 by using his own plane. According to many news outlets, he offered $10,000 to bus driver Darnell Barton in 2013 after Barton talked a suicidal lady over a Buffalo, New York, bridge. 

Following his incarceration in Mexico in 2014, Trump granted $25,000 to the US Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. Ever since he rode a gilded escalator to declare his campaign, Donald Trump has been ranting endlessly about how America is being taken advantage of. Trump has portrayed America (and himself) as the victim of unfair trade practices, inequitable accords, and general assholery. These accusations have included NATO partners who are purportedly unable to pay their bills, nasty German automakers, and a friendly neighbor with whom we really have a trade surplus.

The mortgage payment

A former real estate developer has been accused of not paying workers for their services by hundreds of liens, lawsuits, and judgements. These people include dishwashers, plumbers, waiters, bartenders, real estate brokers, and law firms. The president has also been accused of using charitable donations to pay off debts related to golf and purchase portraits of himself. (It has also been stated that he delayed returning Michael Cohen‘s $130,000 legal bill for Stormy Daniels’ quiet.) Trump’s businesses have received 24 citations for breaking the Fair Labor Standards Act since 2005 for neglecting to pay the minimum wage and overtime. 

29-03-2024A guy who changed a flat tire for Donald Trump did not receive his mortgage back.
30-07-2020In 1986, Donald Trump paid off the mortgage on a Georgia widow’s property.
19-01-2016Trump paid off the mortgage of a couple who assisted him with a flat tire as a form of gratitude.
25-10-1999The rumor that Trump paid off a good Samaritan’s mortgage in exchange for assisting him with a flat tire was disproved by an urban tale.
03-03-1998According to an urban rumor, Donald Trump helped fix a stranger’s flat tire and then paid off their mortgage.

Symbolism and impact

In a 2016 presidential debate, he essentially acknowledged that he had not paid workers fairly, saying, “I take advantage of the laws of the nation because I’m running a company.” Right now, I have a responsibility to take care of my family, my businesses, my employees, and myself. And I carry it out. In other words, because I was born a huge prick and I will die a huge prick, I look for ways to take advantage of people. Therefore, the news that Trump reportedly defrauded his personal driver of hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. But it’s a delightful new development nonetheless, since the person undoubtedly has some intriguing things to tell!  When the driver of the disabled limousine, Donald Trump, paid the mortgage, a stranger who had volunteered to replace a tire was honored with a performance. Reportedly from Donald Trump’s coverage, another story made its way to the national media through Forbes, a new publication, in March 1996:


In conclusion, This narrative must have raised some eyebrows because, even in the early to mid-1990s, it was an established urban legend that several other celebrities had shared. The possibility that there are no verifiable details about Trump’s persona raises doubts about the understanding that led to it becoming a genuine legend. This is demonstrated by the 1996 news report that said, “The newest Trumps flackery won’t inform you brand new fortunate chap’s term, however, Informer hears Trump forked more than over $100,000 toward motion.”


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