Webinar: U.S. & Africa – The Emerging Threat of ISIL

The Global War on Terrorism has been under a geographic transition that is culminating in a revamped African crisis in the Sahel and East. Emboldened Jihadist groups are increasingly borrowing the fighting tactics, training, and illicit financing of their Middle Eastern and Somalia based counterparts. The Islamic State has moved from the Syrian Civil war to Mozambique and the frontiers of Nigeria. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), Boko Haram, and Islamic State Central Africa (IS-CAP) are increasingly violent and threatening the expansion of their fights across the continent. The organizations are likewise playing on ethnic divides while incorporating long time rebel groups to take on Jihad for the Islamic State. The destabilization is a threat to international security and sets back critical human rights. 

Join us for a discussion of this topic on Thursday, February 23rd at 1pm EDT via Zoom.

Moderator: NYCFPA Principal Director, Justin Russell

Confirmed Panelists: Former Ambassador of Benin to the U.S. Omar Arouna


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