Report Review of US Foreign Policy with Saudi Arabia

New York Center For Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) published a report examining the historical relations between United States of America and Saudi Arabia. The report examined the history of the two countries, the U.S Economic and Financial Interest in Saudi Arabia. It also reviewed the arms Export to Saudi Arabia and the 

The report added that relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States have been around for quite a while, and although the ride may not seem to have been an entirely smooth one, it will suffice to say that a lot of effort has been and continues to be put in maintaining and nurturing this relationship.

The report also noted that Saudi Arabia has not always been the favourite among countries of the world, especially due to its gross violation of human rights as well as a whole lot of atrocities it has become amerced in. Over the years, it has engaged in actions which portray it as being indifferent to the plight of its citizens, often caught up in a flagrant disregard for human rights as seen in the brutal murder and dismembering of Jamal Khashoggi, a U.S. based journalist.

The report provided a number of recommendations on how the US and its European allies deal with Saudi Arabia in issues related to human rights and arms exports. On a larger scale, one would expect the United States and other leading countries in the world to prevail on Saudi Arabia in a view to having them review and improve on the human rights of its citizens. In retrospect, it would seem world leaders have chosen to turn a blind eye to all the atrocities being perpetrated by the Saudi government and pretend like nothing is going on.

But what are the ways by which the United States can pressure Saudi Arabia to reconsider its stance on human rights?

  • Immediate end to War on Yemen is a must and the US should take the lead. Otherwise, Iranian-Russian allies will have the initiative.
  • Ensure closer look at the policy of arms exports to Saudi Arabia.
  • Coordinate Foreign Policy steps and strategies taken by Saudi Arabia to avoid crisis due to lack of experience.
  • Such countries including U.S., France, and the likes who offer assistance both militarily and otherwise must bring the Saudi’s to the table and make them see reasons why they must review their policies
  • Continuous engagement and re-orientation on the rights of its citizens until such a time when they understand the fundamental nature of the issues involved
  • More pressure should be exerted on the Crown Prince to initiate reforms in the judiciary of the country, and fast-track the release of all political prisoners as well as remove ben on political parties 
  • Develop foreign policy strategies which would place more emphases on respect for human rights of citizens and seek for ways to make it binding on Saudi Arabia
  • The UN should launch an investigation into as much cases of human rights violation as have been committed as possible, and in the end, people should be held responsible for their actions
  • The international community must stand its grounds and respond to every verified case of human rights violations in accordance to international law, including the use of sanctions when necessary.

The report criticised the human rights conditions in Saudi Arabia and called on the American administration to take serious steps to help improve the country’s awful human rights record. The report argued, “In conclusion, while it may not be certain what happens to activists, political opponents as well as civil society groups as pertaining to their arrest, torture, mutilation and consequent murder; one thing is certain, and that is the fact that officials who carry out such dastardly acts are acting under direct orders of the Saudi government, and the greater. However, it would seem a crisis may have been created due to the U.S.-Saudi relations, such that the Saudi government may have assumed an “untouchable” position due to obvious reasons bothering on oil and arms trade, with resultant weakening of the U.S. powers to curb their excesses.”

Read pr Upload Report Here.


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