NYCFPA Celebrates the Release of Paul Rusesabagina From Rwanda




NEW YORK, NY [24 MARCH 2022] –  The New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) is celebrating the news of Paul Rusesabagina’s release from a Rwandan prison this morning. Mr. Rusesabagina, whose story was famously depicted in the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda, has been held since 2020.

For over two years, the NYCFPA has been working with the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation and the Rusesabagina family to fight for his release. The organization also joined forces with other international and human rights groups to mount a global campaign advocating for his freedom.

“We are delighted by the news of Paul’s release, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Paul and his family,” said Justin Russell, Principal Director of the New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs. “While we maintain that the charges, trial and conviction of Mr. Rusesabagina were unjust, we are celebrating this news and look forward to welcoming him back to U.S soil soon.”

Paul Rusesabagina is a humanitarian hero who put himself at risk during one of Africa’s most violent periods in order to save thousands of lives during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. He became an international symbol of courage when he used his position as manager of a hotel in Kigali to protect over 1,200 people from certain death at the hands of Hutu militias.

In recent years, Mr. Rusesabagina has become an outspoken critic of President Paul Kagame’s government and was arrested on terrorism charges in August 2020 while traveling abroad in Dubai after Kagame issued a warrant for his arrest without due process or legal representation. His detention sparked outrage among human rights organizations worldwide who called it politically motivated.

The NYCFPA will continue to monitor Mr. Rusesabagina’s case closely and will work with other organizations to ensure that he receives justice upon his return home. In addition, they will be launching a campaign calling on supporters across the globe to join them in welcoming Paul home safely when he returns back to U.S soil soon.


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