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The New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) finds a recently released report titled “Crude Dealings” by The questionable, misleading and unfair on many levels. We believe that this report is extremely counterproductive towards the growth of South Sudan as a constitutional republic in the global community.

NYCFPA is quite concerned to read a report that is based on old and inaccurate data points, as it raises questions about the validity of the findings. This is particularly troubling when it comes to assessing the progress of the South Sudanese government and business community in the way they conduct business. We believe that inaccurate data can lead to incorrect conclusions being drawn, which can have significant implications for policy decisions and investments. Given the challenges that South Sudan continues to address, we believe it is crucial that any report assessing the progress of the business community and government is based on current and reliable data. Without up-to-date and accurate information, it is difficult to know whether progress is being made or not, which can impede efforts to improve the economy and foster growth.

Additionally, NYCFPA questions the credibility of one of the primary sources of information cited in the report. The information provided by Biswick Kaswaswa, an individual facing charges of money laundering and fraud in multiple jurisdictions, is suspect just by the history and questionable character of this person. NYCFPA believes It is important to approach any information with a critical eye, and this is especially true when the source of that information is under investigation for fraud and money laundering. We believe that a source under investigation for these serious allegations has already demonstrated a willingness to engage in unethical and illegal activities, which calls into question the accuracy and trustworthiness of any information they provide. In fact, it is entirely possible that they are using their position to manipulate the information they present in order to further their own interests. We would have hoped that The would have sought out more reliable sources of information and to be cautious about accepting any information from sources with such serious ethical and legal concerns.

The trek of South Sudan on the road to becoming a prominent democracy and economic player in Africa is an important issue to NYCFPA. In July of 2022, NYCFPA was commissioned to conduct research and provide a delegation to travel to South Sudan on a fact-finding mission to analyze the current situation in the country. Our delegation spent 10 days in the South Sudanese capital with the intent to assess the current state of governance, the progress in meeting certain milestones of the 2018 Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS). The delegation was also tasked with investigating the on-going progress of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) in establishing transparent democratic processes for the nation. Our report found that while there were still challenges in to be addressed in South Sudan, the 11-year-old Republic was making progress toward constitutional and democratic rule of law. The Government and the Business Community have taken steps towards building institutions that uphold the rule of law, such as the establishment of a constitutional review commission to work on a new permanent constitution, as well as initiatives to create an environment for economic growth.

We urge U.S. policy makers to be very cautious in drawing conclusions and taking action that will be counterproductive to the future of the region. In today’s geopolitical context, our economies are linked. Africa and South Sudan’s peace and stability are important for all of us. Decisions made based on misleading information could be perceived as ill motivated by our African partners and therefore contribute to widening our differences at the time we need to build stronger partnerships in the region…not weaken them.

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